Closed For Maintenance

Supplier Upload Portal Closed For Maintenance
From week commencing the 18th of April all uploads will be halted as we begin work on improvements to the Supplier Upload Portal and will open the week beginning the 2nd of May.
Blog Email Update: When we post a blog it will now send an email to the designer email you login with.
Upload Process: New links placed in the upload process that will direct you to correct Pdf if you are struggling to upload a design.
Upload Limit: A weekly limit will be imposed on how many cards you can upload; this is so we can focus on every designer and get a fair representation of every designer onto the site.
Pending Filter System: This will allow us to filter the uploads so we can focus in on designs and themes we wish to upload. This will allow us to get more time sensitive designs onto the site.
All of these will be active by the time we relaunch on the week beginning the  2nd of May but the below further enhancements will come later
Template for SEO: This will allow for a better search optimization and make sure when a customer is using any search engine it will pull your cards through.
Designer Update: We are changing the look of the site so that every designer page will look more like a storefront, this will include a banner placed at the top of your designs and a description so customers and SEO searches can find you on our site.
Add Tags Into Export: Create an automated export so the tags you apply when uploaded are added into the meta data and improve our searches and overall SEO
Any questions please contact