Making the most of your Designer Page


Build on your unique USP

You are working in a visual medium and once you start to identify what is working for you make sure to build upon it.

Upload a variety of different designs with various sentiments and sends.

You want to make sure that you have a varied portfolio of your best work on the site and make sure you try to have a few designs in each of the categories.

The Supplier Upload Portal will give you access and the ability to track daily sales, so you can see which of your designs are working and generating you a royalty.

Use this data to identify trends and inform you which style and sentiment work for you and help you create successful ranges.

Monitor sales and act accordingly

As well as putting new designs up it is also important that you look at what is not working and ask to have it removed or make amendments and request that it gets updated.

You should also be aware of developing designs that are more of a niche send. A 100th birthday card is not going to sell as well as a general birthday, but it is good to build out your portfolio to include these.

Also only ask to remove a card if you are 100% sure that you would not want it uploaded again in the future. If you take a design down and then ask for it to be added several months later, it may not perform as well as all previous sales data will now be lost.

Create Personalised and Photo Uploads cards of your bestselling designs.

Make sure to use the Scribbler website to create designs that you could not sell in a standard retail environment.

Look at designs that perform well for you and think if this could be re-designed or re-purposed into a Personalised or Photo Upload card.

This will make your best design’s work even harder for you and create another source of income that traditional retail cannot provide.

A great example of this is age cards, you may find that you develop a kid’s range and the elephant with the number 2 on it sells better than the rest. You could re-purpose the elephant into a personalised card and have it so the customer can select 1 to 9.

Pay attention to the Designer Blog’s

The Designer Blog will be updated on a regular basis and we will use it to inform you of trends that we have identified. You can use this information to see if you can create a design that would fit into this trend.

As well as Trends we will also inform you of Seasonal Events and give you Deadlines of when we would like you to submit your designs.

Expand your designs across other product categories.

As well as cards we will also offer the opportunity to have your designs feature across multiple different product categories.

Art Prints, Notebooks, Coasters, Mugs, Tea Towels and more.

Many of these are currently work in progress but feel free to reach out to us to discuss these opportunities and how we could work together to grow your brand.

Reach Out and Talk with Us

If you have an idea or concept you would like feedback on, then please email and we will get back to you with our thoughts.

This could be feedback on design, a new product that you are working on that you think would work perfectly for Scribbler or comments on how we could improve on the site.

Andrew Webb :