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Card Uploads

Due to an issue with SEO and a Backlog of designs on the Supplier Upload Portal we have to limit the amount of designs going up onto the website.

Designs that are uploaded incorrectly and are either just CMYK or created using RGB colours will no longer be approved and amended and will now be rejected and deleted.

A correctly setup card is created using CMYK colours and then converted to RGB.

We will also have a limit on the amount of cards that can be approved and some designs might get rejected as we have a similar style of card already online. Again these will be rejected and deleted to help with the clearance of the backlog and help speed up the approval process going forward.

Hopefully once the backlog is cleared and SEO issues fixed we can move back to allowing a greater volume of cards online.

Until then we ask that you limit the amount of designs you put up as we do not want to reject any designs but due to the volume of cards being uploaded we need to find a solution to keep the system working and fix the current backlog and SEO problem.