Rebecca One Of Our Own

Designers Face Behind the Cards

It’s a bit of a different one this week as we picked our in house designer Rebecca’s brain for Face Behind the Cards. Let’s get down to it shall we?

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Ello, I’m Rebecca aka B-Rex, I like doodling, peanut butter, plants, stationery, hula hooping and roller skating!

How did you get into making cards? Was it always something you wanted to do?

Since the age of lets say 11 I spent most of my time in Clintons cards when my mum would take me to town, I’d go around and look at most of the cards thinking I could draw that, but I just thought that was impossible, who makes cards for a living? That would be the dream. Plus I was 11 and had no concept of a job then haha. Fast forward 23 years and here I am (yes, I’m getting on a bit) My background is in Graphic design so my jobs previous to this have been very graphics based but my passion is illustration so it’s great to finally do that.

What’s a typical day like working at Scribbler?

Check my to do list, prioritise what needs doing, have a catch up with the team and basically start to doodle.

What is your favourite card you’ve made and why? 

Hmm this is hard because after I’ve done the card I always think I could’ve done better and change my mind all the time. At this moment in time I will go for ‘who’s the new guy – Jelly fish’ or ‘Dawsons creek’ 

What are you most looking forward to as soon as the world goes back to normal?

Just being around humans and obviously sitting in a pub garden for the whole day and night talking absolute rubbish. 

Besides own brand (obviously…) what are some of your favourite cards on the Scribbler site at the moment?

I’m loving Jolly Awesome’s new range, has a different style to them than usual, they have a lot of character which I like. 

^ Aisling trying out a new product… ^

Thanks to the wonderful, talented & witty Rebecca for taking part in this edition of Face Behind the Cards. To see more of the Scribbler team designs click here.