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Welcome to our useful stuff, home of everything you ever thought you needed to help you submit your designs to Scribbler.

Before you start adding your designs, you may want to take a look at our card specifications to ensure your design is the correct size and colour.

Download card specifications

Once your designs match our specifications you will want to start adding your designs to our portal. Our guide gives you a step-by-step insight into adding designs and understanding what you need to input to get the best out of your designs. We’ve also included guides below that will help you add personalised (“Add a Name”) cards and photo-upload (“Add a Photo”) cards.

Download Portal Guide

Download Personalised Text Card Guide

Download Photo-Upload Card Guide

One of the most important parts of uploading your designs (besides the design itself), is the descriptions and the attributes. The descriptions will help with customers find our card in our internal site search and attributes will allow us to categorise your cards correctly and help customers find your cards.

Download Descriptions Guide

Download Attributes Guide

Once your designs are added, they’ll almost be ready for us to add to We like to share credit for the fantastic designs we have on our website and if you’ve ever ordered from us, you’ll have seen our custom card backs which promote designers like you! We want you to have the same opportunity, so make sure you upload your logo on your designer page and we will take that and make sure it’s added under your designs online and printed on the back of the card.

Scribbler’s terms and conditions are available for you to download below.

Download Terms & Conditions

Any other questions or queries? Take a look at our FAQs!

Download FAQs