Upload And Approval Process


Whilst we are very thankful that you have taken the time to upload your design’s not everything will be approve.

We could reject design’s because we think it isn’t suitable, would be difficult to print, have a lot of similar product or believe it make cause an issue with a copyright claim.

As well as a general rejection, we may also reject a design because it isn’t setup correctly. If we are able, we will try to amend and not slow down the upload process but if we cannot, we will contact you with a rejection email explaining why the card has been rejected and if you are able to amend and resubmit we will approve.

After you upload your design’s it goes through several stages and just wanted to outline them here so you understand the upload process.

PENDING: As soon as you have a successful upload, you can go into your designs and check the status and it should have a tag stating pending.

APPROVED / REJECTED: Once we have looked at a design, we will either approve or reject the design. This moves the designs into a separate folder and await exporting or to be deleted.

Make sure you have uploaded a Designer Logo to your account or send direct to Andrew andrew@scribbler.co.uk. As designers without a logo cannot be approved.

LISTED: As soon as we have a set amount approved we can then export the files into the system and they will be connected with your custom back and get ready to export.

After a card is listed the Upload Portal isn’t able to give feedback to you on the export and import process. As long as nothing has gone wrong this should import into the system and await an export onto the Dev site.

Once on the Dev site we wait for the website to update and run a mapper, so the cards are pulled into the correct category.